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17 July 2011 @ 08:56 am
Author: Anonymous.
Gift for: bryoneybrynn
Title: Reacquaintance
Pairing: H/D, very very mild mention of R/H.
Rating: A soft R.
Word Count: About 6600.
Warnings: Character death, but not of any major ones. Nothing else I can think of.
Summary: After five years away, a tragedy brings Draco back to England--and back to a Harry who has never quite recovered from Draco leaving him.
To the prompter: This was a pinch-hit and I don’t know exactly what you like, so I stuck pretty closely to the prompt and am crossing my fingers that you enjoy it. This was kind of different for me since I usually write H/D getting together in the first place, so I felt a little inexperienced at doing something in which they’d already been together and have to patch things up. I hope I did your prompt justice.

ReacquaintanceCollapse )